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Real estate in Menorca

Dołączył: 06 Sty 2007
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Skąd: Spain

Ses Canaletes Golf Park [url=][/url]

A residential complex, formed by 66 garden houses, in two parallel rows, with commune zones and swimming pool.
The complex comprises pedestrian areas and "pergolas" that provide better climatic and relax conditions.
It has been designed with the predominant criteria on the island of Minorca, applying the outside layer materials in the traditional style, with a modern design structure, although seeking its integration in the scenery.
The whole complex is raised on a sanitary wrought that isolates the houses from the moisture of the soil.
The homes, all of them with three bedrooms, have be-en thought to obtain a maximum space to live in, practical and of great luminosity.
All the flooring is finished with high quality ceramic tiles, anti-skidding outdoors, pressed polystyrene isolation and air chamber in the outside walls. The facade is finished with hand made plaster and two coats of waterproof, anti-mold, anti-cracking acrylic paint. [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Real estate in Menorca
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